Puma Spotted in Bibb County (October 2013)

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Puma Spotted in Bibb County (October 2013)

I saw a Puma twice in a six-day period in Bibb County.  The sightings occurred on October 16 (early afternoon) and October 22, 2013 (dusk), and were less than a mile apart.  I was alone in my car the first time and accompanied by a relative the second.  She got a better look than I that time.

There is no doubt that we observed a Puma.  Unfortunately, I was driving both times and didn't think fast enough (too awestruck) to get a pic with my phone; and wasn't able to get back there to take photos until  the afternoon of October 28.  The relative who saw the cat was with me, and we took a number of shots (30+) from the vicinity of the sightings.  It had rained some the prior day/evening, so that probably helped.  Wasn't sure if we had actually captured any identifiable tracks or not, so I shared them with a tracker who indicated that a couple of them looked promising.  Here's the URL to those two pics:    http://sdrv.ms/HRyjEO 

Let me know if there's a problem viewing.  Can share the other photos if you're interested.

I have not reported this to the authorities.  I gather they are rather skeptical,  so I'd rather get more hard evidence, if possible.

Regards, DCR